Moving Companies Perth

Moving Companies Perth WA

Tips When Planning Your Move

  • Plan ahead and book your moving company as far in advance as possible to lock in your ideal date.
  • Check the size of the truck and how many trips it will need to make to move your entire household contents - unlike other moving companies, we have a large 60 cubic metre truck so most homes can be transported in one trip.

Packing Materials

  • Boxes – a mix of tea chest cartons and book boxes for heavy or fragile items.  Ensure the boxes are not thin and flimsy to avoid them collapsing if stacked during transit.
  • Heavy duty/good quality packing tape – Tape boxes on both top and bottom.
  • Bubble wrap – great for wrapping glass picture frames and ornaments.
  • Butchers paper – fantastic for kitchen items as everything stays clean and ready to use.
  • Permanent markers for labelling boxes.
  • Snap lock bags – perfect for keeping bits and pieces together.


  • Start packing infrequently used items as soon as possible
  • Mark boxes clearly on both top and sides with contents and the room it is going in to.
  • Clearly mark the box if it contains fragile or heavy items.
  • Pack boxes to their full capacity filling empty spaces with scrunched paper to limit movement. Do not overload boxes so that they lose their shape or break.
  • Heavy items such as books need to be packed in smaller boxes to make them easier to handle.
  • Empty drawers and cupboards and tape or tie shut doors and drawers.
  • Ensure freezers and fridges are empty and defrosted prior to the removal truck arriving.
  • Dismantle any furniture, trampolines, swing sets prior to the removalist arriving. While we are happy to dismantle furniture it will save you time and therefore money if you do this yourself.  Place screws/bolts in a zip lock bag and mark which item they belong to on the bag.  Pack with your Quick Kit of basic tools ready to reassemble at your new house.
  • Prepare a Quick Kit of basic tools such as a hammer, pliers, screw drivers, Allen keys, scissors, stanley knife etc
  • Pack a clearly labelled priority box – include items such as kettle, coffee/cups, long life milk, cleaning cloths, bin bags, prescriptions, toiletries, toilet roll, soap etc.
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